Below is some of the kind words that clients have written following therapy at Evoke. To maintain confidentiality this feedback is quoted anonymously.

“Kevin was Amazing and taught me how to think more positive and unravel things that seemed huge to me at the time” – M

“Kevin has helped me tremendously. I have suffered from anxiety and depression for years. Over the weeks I have been able to let go of the tough memories that have held me back” – T

“Thank you very much for listening to me – you’ve helped me so incredibly much and I am very grateful for it” – S.

“Kevin was excellent and allowed me to expand on my issues/concerns as well organising further sessions when I needed them. Allowed me to further understand my issues and confront them week by week” – D.

“Understanding my problems and teaching me how to try to deal with them. Painful at the beginning but now feeling able to cope a little better”- P

“Feeling at a very low part in my life and being able to talk about my concerns with Kevin gave me the strength to reevaluate what was happening and move forward, not keep looking back” – C