Privacy Notice

In accordance with GDPR, please not e the following:

Our Contact Details:

Evoke therapy is administered by Kevin Stevenson. The company address is 7 Dyce Close, Bulwell, Nottingham, NG6 7GD.

Our email address is

Telephone 0115 8770589

Data we collect:

We collect your personal data as part of your access to this website. When booking you will be asked to include your name, address and email / telephone contact details. This is held via a third party provider (1 & 1), who provide the structure for this website.

Payment is made via paypal and is covered by their own privacy policy. Evoke therapy do not record or retain any payment processing information (credit or debit card information). A record of payment, including the email address that is used for the paypal transaction is retained in Evoke therapy’s paypal account.

Upon accessing the service you will be asked to sign a therapy contract which will include your address and contact details. You may also be asked to provide details of an emergency contact and information about your G.P.

The purpose of this data collection is contractual (upon booking the service and also with regard to the therapeutic contract – a requirement of the BACP ethical guidelines), which will also involve your consent.

Written notes are often taken within session and sometimes recordings may be made. This session information is retained for up to 6 months after the end of therapy and is then destroyed.

Information will only be shared with a third party in the event of an emergency, or subject to the BACP ethical guidelines on confidentiality, where it is necessary for your own protection or for the protection of a third party, or a child protection issue.

Your right of access to session notes is curtailed by confidentiality, especially where your own right of access may conflict with the confidentiality of another party (such as in couples therapy)

Your right of rectification is similarly restricted to your own data only and where this applies to notes the original (uncorrected) information may also be retained.

You can request that your data be removed or destroyed

Your data will not be transferred to or shared with a third party at your request as this would breach the contractually agreed confidentiality.

You may restrict and object to any data processing you find inappropriate. very little automatic processing is used by the company and your data is not shared.

Please note: if you access the website via links provided by facebook, google or other third party providers a record of your search/access may be retained by them. Evoke therapy are not in control of or responsible for this aspect of your privacy and this may result in marketing / user profiling by these third parties.