Individual therapy

Whatever the issue, we can help.

Talking things through and simply allowing yourself the privilege of commiting time to yourself can be helpful on its own. Add to this specific exercises to reduce anxiety, to focus on the moment, or to relieve depression and it’s easy to see how valuable individual therapy can be for the most common mental distress.

What can you expect from your first (assessment) session? You will get to know us and we will explain briefly how we work. We will get to know you and will explore your background and your most immediate concern and we will discuss how we can solve your problems together. Its common to focus on relieving your symptoms so that you can achieve clarity of thought before finding and addressing the root causes of your distress.

We are passionate about making quality therapy affordable, so we can help as many people as possible. You can book as often or as little as you like. However we recommend weekly or fortnightly sessions to begin with.

Individual therapy which lasts about an hour costs £50. Your first (assessment) session however costs only £10. This is so that we can determine whether we can work together without significant financial cost. This £10 is then discounted against your second session – effectively making your first session free. In other words it costs little or nothing to find out if we can help you. Additionally if you are on a low income or are a full time student we can talk about reducing the costs further.

What have you got to lose?

to book an individual assessment, click on the link below, or, if you are an existing or returning client, to individual therapy button.

individual assessment

individual therapy