How we work

Its impossible to plan your route through your problem without seeing you, but generally therapy follows the following stages:

1) Presentation and assessment: Here we look at the immediate problem and try to work out the best way of solving it in the short term.

2) Symptomatic relief: By applying practical exercises we will help you to feel better quickly. This takes off the pressure and gives you room to mentally manoeuvre.

3) Root and branch: Now that you are able to think more clearly, we look at the immediate cause (or trigger) of your problem (the branch) and where this might originate (the root).

4) We start to ‘prune back’ to find out why you operate this way and what is needed to change things for the better in the long term. We will use a combination of techniques to help you do this. We will only go as deep as is needed.

5) You start to grow in a new and better direction.