Crisis Management or Management Crisis?

workplace stress

a.k.a. my boss needs therapy…

Workplace stress? Office in crisis?

Is your office manager tired, a little worn out, overloaded and unresponsive? If it is then its probably a good idea to get a therapist involved, after all you maintain your I.T. systems – why not your human systems too?

We take it for granted that the machine elements of our workplace need to be maintained, but we are not so hot at looking after the human elements – we really only intervene when they break down.

Our advice is: Don’t wait.

Here at Evoke Therapy we have experience of counselling leaders and managers at all levels, both in large organisations and small firms. Clients usually come (or are sent) due to their own stress and anxiety, but what is not often recognised is the negative effect of their condition on the other staff.

It all starts with good intentions: Working harder and longer. Setting an example. Being reliable. All good things you might think, but when they get out of hand suddenly staff are afraid to take a break (because the boss isn’t), they feel under pressure. They see the excessive level of work that the manager has taken on and are reluctant to ‘disturb them’ when they have a problem. As a result they become more timid around their manager, who in turn becomes more isolated and less able to share responsibility. First in and last out, they themselves may become resentful of their staff for simply ‘having lives’ and difficulties can grow as they conclude that they can only rely on themselves. Staff feel disempowered and excluded. Opportunities are not shared. Instead of an approachable and supportive boss, they have some snappy giant hamster constantly running a wheel. As workplace stress increases even the smallest new task or change becomes a crisis!

It does not have to be this way. But there are REASONS why that manager feels the need to act like that. We can resolve these.

So what happens when we achieve this? The manger is more relaxed. They trust others more. They share responsibility, and are more approachable. Staff feel happier, because their stress levels are also reduced. They are empowered and included. The whole tone of the team changes. Ideas are shared and the manager has the space in their head to take a wider and longer term view.

Instead of sending other staff off work with stress, we have addressed the source: Management Stress. Instead of treating 30 people, we have treated one, and all of them feel better for it! Let us manage your crisis manager.

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